A Complete User’s Guide to Samsung Galaxy S20 Series: A Step-By-Step Guide to S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra Phones.


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It is a known fact that annually Samsung releases new models of phones to complement the ones already in the market. This yearly innovative move by the tech giant always has razzmatazz the market as customers are always in anticipatory mood as they await another release from Samsung Corporation. The company in itself has never disappointed its vast customer base as they always dish out from their stable, innovative products.
This year 2020 has seen Samsung introduce into the market another flagship product to change the game in the mobile phone segment with the launch of its flagship in the S series.
Samsung Galaxy S20 series is a wonder to behold! This is due to the introduction of new features that have set the devices apart from the rest. These new features not only intrigued the market and nay the customers but also have continued to set the company apart in the midst of competition.
The array of new features added to the devices includes and not limited to:
•The beautiful designs they come with.
•The company is the first tech giant to make use of the new Qualcomm chipset manufactured explicitly for use in the fifth generation of the wireless mobile network called 5G. This implies that the S20 series of phones can receive 5G signal where it is available. The chipset from Qualcomm called Snapdragon 865 has made this possible.
•Also, the use of DepthVision camera technology on the phones has set apart the boys from the men as this innovative technology is debuted by Samsung, and is already receiving accolades as customers derive satisfaction with use of its super autofocus camera lens and all that it has to offer.
•The use of high capacity battery on each of the S20 series means that customers may not need to go along with power banks or battery packs everywhere as they are sure their mobile phones will last all day long without going out of power.The above contents mentioned are just a few of the new and exciting features your Galaxy S20 series is loaded with. The distinctive aspect of this is that each of these features is well treated in this book, which makes it possible for you to have a well-informed knowledge about the new devices.
The following topics were also treated in this guide book, and will help you understand your new devices better:
•How to Activate and Use Samsung Health App.
•How to Create Samsung Account.
•How to Backup Data to Samsung Cloud.
•How to Insert SIM Card and MicroSD Card into Samsung S20 Phones.
•How to Activate Always-On Display (AOD) Feature on Galaxy S20 Phones, and more.
Therefore, I urge you to come have a ride with me as I unravel the details of the features of this tech wonder from the stable of Samsung. The various topics treated were well researched, and I have also made use of photos and diagrams to buttress a lot of the points made for better understanding.
With a deep sense of purpose, it is my pleasure to let you know that you will derive satisfaction reading every bit of this guide book with the step-by-step analysis of concepts and easy to understand the language used in writing it. You will be glad you have a copy of this guide book to make you a pro in the use of Samsung Galaxy S20 phones. What are you waiting for! Kindly Scroll up and Hit the Buy Now button to have your copy.

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