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Product Description

French Bulldog Bluetooth SpeakerFrench Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker

French Bulldog Bluetooth Artistic Speaker

Bring you Fantastic Artwork Beauty and Music Enjoyment


Function descriptionFunction description

Function description

1:Full range speaker(5w)
2:0n/0ff Switch
3:LED indicator
4:USB charge input 5V1A
5:AUX input
Net weight:approx.1220g
When the machine is opened, it will automatically detecte the external devices, then enters the Bluetooth mode, and can also use the AUX line to connect directly.

Product features:

Thank you for choosing the Buetooth artistic speaker produced by us.In order to let you experience the product easily, we have a detailed description of the using for the product, you can get the product introduction, the method of using and other information from it. Please read the instructions carefully before you use this product..

1. Made of polymer resin with high density, modelled directly to reduce resonance and echo, make sound more real and reductive.

2. The shell material is high in moisture proof and anticorrosion.

3. Bluetooth connected with wireless music to play, it supports Android system, Apple system, iPad,all kinds of tablet computers, and the laptop computer with Bluetooth.

4. 5W high fidelity horn with full frequency.

5. 1800mAh class A lithium polymer battery with high-capacity, and it can play music for 8- 10 hours continuously with medium volume

6. Made by hand, there may be some small difference on the surface of the product, which is a normal phenomenon.

single modesingle mode

Single Mode

Single audio and mobile phone bluetooth connection

Can connect your smartphone,tablet and any other bluetooth enabled devices



1. With TWS and Linein function
2. Press and hold switch for about 2 seconds to turn on or turn off, default Bluetooth mode when booting. The phone can search for the device name “Cross Humanity (005)” connection.
3. The first double click enters the TWS pairing, which is the box function. At this time, two speakers will synchronously issue the sound of Bluetooth/ Linein. One is the L channel and the other is the R channel.
4. The second time double clicks to disconnect the TWS pairing, which is the box function.
5.Short press to play/pause Bluetooth music.
6. Linein is inserted into Linein mode, and a short press in Linein mode will be muted.
7. Auto-shutdown: Bluetooth no connection/pause status 10 minutes inactive Auto-shutdown.
8. Power Management: The battery voltage is lower than 3.3V trigger low power alarm blue light flash 10 times, below 3 oV will automatically shut down.


True 360° Sound

high polymer resin material

Suitable for smartphone,tablet and other Bluetooth enabled device

Introduction of indicator light:

1.Charging red light is on,red light is off after full charge.

2.The blue light flahes,flashes 1 times per second during the boot match.

3.Connect TWS and cell phone,bule light slowly flashing,flashing 1 times per second.

4.When playing music,the main engine,the secondary machine and the blue light slowly flicer,flashing 1 times per second.

5.When the player is playing/ pause,the host blue light is always on and the auxiliary blue light is slowly flashing 1times per second.

6.Linein mode blue light slowly flashing, flashing 1 times per second.

7.Linein mode,the blue light is always on when playing/pause.

Product includedProduct included

Technical specifications:

Model: SY16005

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Transmission range: 10m

Speaker output power:5W,Rated power:5W,Input power: android 5V lA

Charging: USB charge cable

Charge time:About 2 hours

Battery: built-in polymer rechargeable battery 1800mAh 3.7V

Overall dimension: About 200x155x190mm,Audio input: Bluetooth/AUX/TWS

Q&A(more detailed,please check the manual)

1:Q: Shut up automatically after starting up? The playing blue light has been automatically switched off or restarted after the flash?

A: 1. Battery power is not enough, please charge it in time. It is recommended to use it after two hours.

2:Q: Unable to charge?

A: 1. Please use the charging line provided by this machine and make sure that the voltage electric current of the connected USB interface is normal (is the Android interface 5V lA).

3:Q: Charging red light does not light or it is very dark?

A: 1. Normal. If the battery voltage is full, the charging red light will not light or be dark, in short, the lower of the battery power, the lighter the red light will be when charging.

4.Q: Trumpet has no sound?

A: 1. Be sure to be in the Bluetooth /AUX mode, and adjust to the appropriate volume in the playing state.

Product specifications

Packaging accessories:

1xBulldog speaker
1xUser manual
1xUSB charge cable
1×3.5mm AUX cable(Can connect computer/smartphone/game console or other digital audio equipment directly)


Within 10 seconds after entering the Bluetooth mode, it will automatically search the device and connect, it will be connected manually
For the first time, it is recommended to charge for 2-3 hours.
This product comes with overcharge and over discharge protection.
This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years old.
When not in use for a long time, it should be fully charged and the product should be turned off and stored every 3 months
When the battery is low, it will affect the function of the Bluetooth speaker. Please charge it in time.

👏 【BLUETOOTH 4. 0 TECHNOLOGY】Equipped with advanced technology and compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The speaker also remembers your last device, allowing you to reconnect effortlessly.
👏 【EXTENDED PLAYTIME】UP TO 10 HOURS of play time from a rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth pairing. Wireless range up to 100 feet. Move freely around with your smart phone, without worrying about dropping your music.
👏 【DUAL MODE】Build your own ecosystem by connecting 2 French Bulldog artistic Bluetooth artistic Speakers together to amplify the listening experience.
👏 【RISK FREE PURCHASE】Our French Bulldog artistic Bluetooth artistic Speaker is backed by Seller 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 12 Months Seller Warranty. If you have any questions,please feel free contact us,we will provide professional technology team to service for you.

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